A Stroll Around The University of Leeds

Anyone following my blog may have noticed that I have a fairly eclectic mix of posts from around my own country and northern Europe. I do though like to talk about my hometown and share what images I have of it.

There are now I am reliably informed no less than four universities in the city. The University of Leeds is the oldest. It is also a city campus. It has grown up over the years in an assortment of buildings which are basically on the city streets.

It isn’t exactly in the city centre but not far from it. There is also a public right of way in and around the campus. If I am in that part of the city I often take a stroll around the eclectic mix of building. Here are the photos I have collected so far.

I sometimes have a lot to say. Sometimes though it is just nice to share images of the city.


  1. Is that little cemetery also part of the campus? Not something every school can boast 🙂

    The University of Toronto is the same sort of setup where it’s mixed in with the surrounding city. I was a student there and loved being part of the city instead of being insulated in some separate campus space. Leeds looks lovely.

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    1. Yes, up until the 1960’s people were still being buried there. I believe a law had to be passed to change it’s use to a park. It now forms a quiet space within the campus. A lot of the headstones were taken down but all the burial records are held by the University.

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