The Light

The light was exploding all around, bright spring light. Here in this still, delightful woodland world. Mornings bring new life, new hope. Nothing stirred in the forest. It was a pleasant place, nothing much ever happened.

Today was to be different. An odd day, a day when the unexpected might occur. Mike could see his dog up ahead. The two of them had been coming to the woods since she was a puppy and she knew every inch of it. He could see her standing in the distance looking back. There was a shape running deep in the woods. Heading out of sight, the dog barked. The man stopped, it was a man. He looked back, no it wasn’t a man. It was a tree, half man, half tree. For a moment it watched Mike and his dog then disappeared from view.

Over the coming years Mike and his dog were to have many surprises in the forest. He was to find that there was a whole other world in there. Fallen trees damaged, then miraculously healed. New growth from apparent dead limbs. A slow definite purpose, wonderful beauty.

Of course all good things must come to an end and sure enough Mike and his dogs walks through this beautiful woodland ended. Was that a striking woodland bird he had seen scurrying among the leaves. There was a  fallen tree in an ancient pool. All rock, root and grass. A gnarled twisted stump. Was it? that could be the only one explanation. Hidden but in plain view. Petrified for millennia at last broken free. A young and freshly hatched T Rex.


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