Jack and Trudy

“Hello I would like to report my wife has gone missing,” said Jack.

“OK sir we’ll send someone round,” said the voice at the call centre.

“Hello I’d like to report my husband missing,” said Trudy.

“OK Madame we’ll send someone round, “said the voice at the call centre.

Every Sunday Jack went for a long walk through the fields and lanes near his home. Every Sunday was pretty much the same. A quiet stroll sometimes hot, sometimes cold. It rained, it was dry. Nothing much changed. He occasionally met people, stopped and chatted. He walked home, got his paper on the way and chilled for the rest of the day.

Jack and Trudy were happily married; they had been together for eighteen years with nothing much out of the ordinary ever happening. Today though something out of the ordinary happened.

Jack never came back from his walk, well I suppose he did but Trudy never saw him again.

Something had happened during the night Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on it. As he walked that morning the world felt different. Almost dreamlike, it was so warm and misty. It had rained, there were pools of water in the tracks where the tractor had rumbled through the field. Everything though seemed slightly out of focus, he hadn’t been drinking but he had that feeling of walking while drunk.

Then way in the distance across the fields he saw something he had never seen in his life before. The mist that had been drifting in the early morning air seemed to have formed into a rolling ball of fog. The ball rolled and drifted across the fields enveloping Jack and his small housing estate. The ball rolled faster than he could walk.

Walking towards home Jack met other people. No one stopped and chatted, not today. He tried to talk but they just kept moving. What was it about them? That was it he couldn’t see their faces. He would try harder next time; a car was coming. It was moving so slowly no noise. No legs or faces on passing pedestrians. No faces of drivers, no wheels on cars. Slow enough to see who was driving yet he still couldn’t see anyone’s face.

In the distance, a motorcycle was racing up and down deserted streets. The noise got closer and soon a larger powerful motorcycle with leather clad faceless rider passed Jack as he walked home. Again, no wheels on the machine visible just its deafening and thunderous roar. Then there was the banging in the distance. So much was happening that Jack hadn’t noticed the constant banging a thud, thud, thud noise like a demented pile driver. As the fog cloud moved so did the sound closer, then further.

Well that was then, Jack and Trudy never really understood what happened on that Sunday morning. The television news reported strange happenings in the night and early morning. People had reported the fog ball and the weatherman had said that it was a naturally occurring but rare phenomenon.

Both Trudy and Jack faced some awkward questions. However, their lives went on, they had to. Neither partner was ever found. Most people thought she had found someone else and left Jack. Everyone suspected they hadn’t been quite so happy as they had made out.

As for Jack people never looked at him quite the same again. Most suspected him of having committed a crime and got away with it. Only the two of them knew the truth often wondering as to the whereabouts of their loved one.


    1. Thanks, I actually got myself a little confused with where this one was going but that’s where I’ve settled in the end.


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