Black and White

My first camera was Zenith E 35mm. I think they were imported from the USSR. I got a pair of binoculars at the same time and still have them. A little bulky but the guy in the shop told me they had great optics and great value for money. I wish I still had the camera. Like all tech though as soon as I could I upgraded and traded it in.

I remember as a young chap of sixteen wandering the city streets of my hometown. The camera was loaded with black and white film. If I remember correctly it was cheaper to buy and develop than colour. There were a lot of old alleys and derelict buildings in those days. I loved to find forgotten corners of the city and glimpse it as it was was back in the 1940’s and 50’s.

I’ve long since lost the photos but not my interest in black and white photography. It’s remembering to do it these. No purchasing rolls of film or having it developed. It’s a simple task of selecting a suitable photo and applying a filter. Here are a few I have done over the last couple of years.

Maybe I ought to have a black and white week or month where ever photo I take is in this medium. I am also going to buy myself a black and camera again. My tastes though have changed as I’ve got older. Sourcing and affording the camera is a little difficult. The camera I would choose is a Leica 111g. I have discovered that this was in production around the time of my birth. I think there would be something quite cool and satisfying about using a camera as old as yourself.

Well, me and my almost sixty year old camera are a pipe dream at the moment. For now my phone will have to do but watch this space for more black and white photography.



    1. Thank you, for what it’s worth my favourite is the one of Buckden. It was a freezing, very still January day with just me and my dog walking down the valley towards the village. It was wonderful.


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