I look at these old trains and try to comprehend them as new technology. Of course they were in their time cutting edge, the state of the art, modern.

Burning coal to make steam that drove the huge lumps of metal, passengers and goods forward, incredible. I would imagine at the time people were amazed by them.

As impossible as a world without coal and oil seems to us now. I am sure that day will come, that a new industrial revolution will take place soon.

What we thought of as science fiction will happen. Electric powered ships and planes or cars powered by hydrogen will prevail. Mass transport and shipping of goods will take place with sustainable power across the globe.

At least this is my hope. I travelled on holiday specials to the seaside on these types of train with my parents as a child. Why not fly to see my family abroad on a plane powered by something other than jet fuel before I die. Just a though…


    1. They are fun, I haven’t been on one since I was a child. I’ll have to make an effort and take a trip soon. Good inspiration for stories!


  1. I love steam trains. Heritage railways are lovely, but they don’t actually go fast do they? When U was at junior school we lived in Farnborough, Hampshire – new houses and most of the Dads commuted up to Waterloo on steam trains. I loved leaving the station with the train building up steam. What was once progress is now bad fossil fuel!

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  2. Trains are amazing. I’ve always liked the look of the old steam engines and the sound they make on the rail as they pass by.
    And you’re absolutely right about coal and oil trends. Coal is so inefficient that only a minority of countries still use it, and while Oil is still too efficient to give up- we’re definitely moving on!

    Keep writing my friend.

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