Early Start

An early start to my day strolling through the city street’s. That quiet time at the end of night, the start of day. Thoughts are my only company. No-one else awake, a solitary stroll. Except the screeching, the screaming of a hawk.

That other worldly prehistoric screech, it has to be high above the city street. Calling for its mate or young. Giving fair warning to pigeons hereabouts. I check my phone, Google says I heard a Peregrine falcon. Chuffed, what a nice way to start a day.

My stroll at lunchtime soon comes around. There laying dead, dismembered on the path ahead. Proof if proof were needed. The bloody remains of of one of Leeds finest pigeons.


    1. Thanks there are Falcons in a lot of the cities here. As there are all over probably. No shortage of food I guess. Cats are safe from them, aren’t they? I took a trip to the top of Leeds Town Hall and it was litterred with carcasses of the unfortunate birds. The guide said it was one of their favourite lunch spots!


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