Kansainiemi Botanical Gardens

I’ve recently been in one of those random conversations you get into with people on twitter when you’re unsure what the actual point of it is. The conversation, not twitter. I’m still not sure, except he told me how warm it was where he was several times. I think I’d said that I thought 50F with rain felt cold and 64F with sun was pleasant.

In the end I explained that I wasn’t so bothered for the sun and heat anymore. I used to love it but. For ten years I have worked as a gardener for fifty weeks of the year. Baking sun and rain have become the two things that make it an unpleasant experience. 64F therefore with sun is perfect.

I finished by saying that these days rather than head south to the Mediterranean like a lot of fellow citizens. You’re more likely to find me heading north to cooler climes. Scotland is a favourite as is Finland where I have family. February is good month to visit if you like the cold, It is usually their coldest.

This year I was a little disappointed as the temperatures hovered around freezing point. They had a lot of snow and really cold temperatures just before I’d gone. This made the paths treacherous. I had never really experienced such ice. Even the super efficient Finns couldn’t keep up. When they put grit down on ice, next day it melted the grit sank and the slush then froze again.

I was kindly informed as I was leaving that old! people put grippers on their shoes when it was like this. Oh and they were on 50% off at the supermarket. Lot of use after I’d nearly broke my neck half a dozen times and was on my way home!

Of course none of this stopped me having a wonderful time. Wherever I am I like to visit gardens, whatever the weather. In Helsinki is the Kansainiemi Botanical Gardens. It was fun to get into the warm humid air and enjoy the company of plants on a slippery Saturday afternoon.

Walking around the botanical gardens in Helsinki my companion and I came to the conclusion that plants are brilliant, as are tropical glasshouses on cold February days.



  1. How bizarre to experience a warm botanical gardens in a freezing cold area. I grew up in Alaska. I think what you experienced would be like a green house with palm trees in January in my home town. Rather bizarre to think about. And yes, we had strap-on shoe grippers and chains for tires.

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    1. It is a weird experience looking out from the warmth. One year I went I think it was about 80F in the palm house and 5F outsude! and yes I’m definitely getting grippers for my shoes next time.


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