Dom Woke Later Than Usual

It was as if some other worldly force was holding him in place. Pinned flat, he opened his eyes and breathed sharply inhaling as he looked around the room. He tried to lift his arms and legs but they wouldn’t move, each limb felt a hundred times its weight. Was he cold or hot he couldn’t be sure. Fear and confusion were racing through his mind. He tried to make sense of his surroundings, to work out where he was, what was happening.

Dom’s inability to move was the thing that scared him the most. His initial confusion began to clear and he could see that he was laid on a dirty stained and stinking bed in the back room of an old house, in a poorly painted, cold, damp room.

The bed had sheets that had once been white but were now brown, cold and wet. He didn’t want to think about what he was laying on, what was happening, how had he got there?

Bare, grey walls surrounded him, the plaster decaying and flaking. One small light bulb hung from the ceiling on an old brown electric cord. It hardly lit the room. The fog that had initially affected his mind was now clearing. This wasn’t where he lived or how.

He looked down at his body, cut and bruised. Blood running down his skin and collecting in small pools on the stinking brown linen. He wasn’t bound or chained but couldn’t move, sweat was rolling from his temple and neck as he strained and tried to lift and an arm or leg from the bed.

He tried to relax there must be some explanation. There was a draught making the already cold room even more uncomfortable. He could hear traffic from a main road at the front of the house and voices in the house below and around him. They sounded close. They must know he is there. He shouted for help as loud as he could. Again, this time screaming.

Then he felt a fear inside that he had never felt in his life before. A rushing terrifying feeling. It started in his stomach, welling up to soon engulf his whole body. A low groan and hissing was coming from nearby.

He screamed again and again with all his effort. Dom moved his eyes and looked to the right, there was a window with no curtains. Nothing outside just darkness. The whole dirty stinking room was reflected in the black glass. To his terror and despair, staring back reflected in the glass was his own gaunt and damaged body.

The fear was now so intense. He began screaming with every drop of energy he had. As he watched the pathetic and sickly man in the reflection opposite he began to cry. His lungs hurt and his throat was sore from the force of the screaming. No sound was being made. The people in the house around him just carried on as normal, surely by now they could hear the hiss and deep growl from outside the open window.

Then it came, in a second. Huge hands gripping the window frame big and strong. Long, black, sinewy fingers, with sharp dirt encrusted nails. The hands were soon followed by a head and body that moved so fast. Filling the room and space in front of him. The whole thing was hideous black and blue, now green and brown with a skin formed of a dripping oozing crust.

The creature had eyes that were deep and black. Intently focused on him, worse than any of this was the mouth. A huge gaping void with row upon row of teeth, hundreds of them dripping with blood and skin and rotten flesh.

Dom knew that this was the end, his fear was now all-consuming his world went dark as the creature closed in on him. Somewhere deep in his sub conscience something stirred and Dom began to remember. He closed his eyes he could feel the creature inches away from his face its breath warm, stinking, dripping saliva and blood on him. Fear was overwhelming him. Then he remembered what he had to do.

“Wake up Dom, wake up now. It’s only a dream just open your eyes and everything will be fine.”

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