Woodhouse is a district of Leeds. Nothing unusual or spectacular about that. It was once on the edge of the countryside and is now at the edge of the city centre.

It’s a part of the city I didn’t know much about until a few years ago when I got a part time job in the area. At first I was in the habit if the weather was fair of spending my lunchtimes wandering the streets looking for interesting snapshots,

There is the University of Leeds that takes up a large part of the area, old graveyards, churches, motorways and of course the thing that makes every city tick, people. Thousands of people who through the generations have lived and worked in the area.

Writing this has made me realise that I need to get out more in my lunch breaks, I’ve got a little lazy in recent months. I seem to be spending more time drinking coffee and scrolling through my phone!



    1. I remember the road being built in the 1960’s. It was hailed as a big improvement for the city infrastructure. Can you imagine? Let’s carve a 4 lane concrete chasm through the heart of the city and gridlock it with cars. The same city that can’t afford trams. Yeah that’ll improve things!


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