How we are blessed with plants. Here are photos of just four I have taken over the years. For me it pushes the same buttons as caring for an animal or a person to some extent.

I feel connected somehow to the world around. Plants gives us a glimpse of how incredible and precious our planet is. If you want to see for yourself plant a Pumpkin or Sunflower seed in spring and watch it grow.

Better still plant a tree when a child is born or to mark some other important event in your life and watch how that grows.

I was once speaking to someone who saw himself as a bit of a guerrilla gardener. He planted a giant Redwood sapling on a golf course! He planted it the year his child was born and returned each year for a photo of child and tree. It wasn’t long of course before the tree was soaring ahead. Maybe not a Redwood if you are planting it in your garden!


  1. my dad is an agriculturist and some of our vegetables and fruit are from our garden 🙂 I love the idea of planting a tree on the same birth date of your child, I think I will do that one too. 🙂

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    1. I’ve just started growing fruit and veg, it is harder than I thought but very satisfying. Hope you do plant a tree it would be a wonderful thing to do and watch it grow alongside of the child it was planted for..

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      1. Yes and the fruits and veggies looks totally different from what we see from the groceries that are GMO. You will noticed that one in time you started harvesting

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