Both my dogs just woke up at the same time, as I came into the room. I had a funny turn and went upstairs for a few minutes to lay on the bed. One looked startled and the other sleepy.

They looked like they’d woke in a different house, with a new human in a parallel dimension. Yeah that was the look. They were strange with me. Aloof as if they didn’t know me.

I called them by their names and tried to fuss them. They were having none of it. The problem was that it wasn’t my house. I didn’t recognise it, nothing about it struck a chord of memory. I looked in the mirror and most definitely did not see myself looking back.

I sat in the room that I didn’t recognise, with the dogs who didn’t know me. What had happened as I lay upstairs on that bed. Where was I, who was I, what was I going to do.

“Hello Mr Johnson how are you today, have you been washed yet. Come on dear let’s get you sorted. I’ll put the kettle on and make us a cup of tea.”

Now this women has walked in, this is all very odd. Well at least she seems to know me and she’s making a cup of tea.

“You’ve been letting your neighbours dogs in again haven’t you. Yours have gone dear, remember they got old. Come on on you too clear off. Time to go home, they’ll be wondering where you are.”

With that the dogs were gone, just me and the woman I don’t know sitting drinking tea.


    1. Thanks I was feeling a little sad this morning as my dogs have gone into boarding kennels for a few weeks. The looks I was getting before we went inspired my thoughts for this unfortunate fellow and his dogs.


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