When did the dark start having shadows? I can’t remember the first time I noticed them. They were always there on moonlit nights, at sunset or where a light plays its tricks.

These shadows are different. I saw them last night for the first time and they terrified me. There was no moon or light of any kind. It was one of those dark midwinter nights.

The broken gutter on the back of our house woke me up. Well more accurately it was the rain pouring from the gutter and banging against the window that woke me.

I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. It’s then that I saw them. Dark shadows, much darker than the already pitch-black room. They’re moving around from room to room, across the bed.

I don’t feel anything except of course a growing terror. I don’t hear anything except the pulse racing in my head.

I like the dark and often walk around the house at night with all the lights switched off. Somehow, I have always found it reassuring. This though is new, I look hard at the shadows. They make no sense, hardly visible.

I get up, dress and go downstairs. The shadows now are all around, in every room. Sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, I finally can take no more. I reach across and switch on the lamp.

In that moment I see them. Only for a split second before dark gives way to light. Nevertheless, I see them, coming for me. They stretch out their bony, putrid arms and hands. They call my name, demanding that I join them.

It’s light now and I’m still not sure what happened, what I saw. I guess I need to keep the lights on until I’ve figured this out. Going out in the dark will have to be put on hold.

People have told me that I’m overreacting. It’s just that in that last moment before those ghastly figures all around me faded back into the light. A sentence came into my head as clear as if it had been spoken to me.

‘You have been chosen to join us and must die. We missed our chance, next time we won’t. See you soon in the shadows of the darkest hour’.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. All inspired by imagination, you can rest assured there are no demons lurking in the shadows.

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