How Much?

“How much?”

The cosmetic surgeon sat impassively at his desk. He knew the old man sitting in front of him would pay, they always did. He was fabulously wealthy. Anyhow if they came this far they always paid.

It was a small price for a procedure so revolutionary that few even knew it existed. Just a few miles away in the heart of the city a young man was being roughly bundled into a van. His whole life lay ahead of him. It would soon be changed forever.

The pair met briefly in the cold, sterile operating theatre. Introductions were conducted by one of the two professors carrying out this fantastic new, highly illegal, cosmetic surgery. One patient waited expectantly, while the other writhed and pulled against the straps holding him to the table.

It was quite simple really. Old brain into young body which left young brain and old body? Surplus to requirements was all the second surgeon would say.

The anesthesia soon took hold and the gruesome operation to give an old man a whole extra lifetime began.

‘Progress is wonderful’ said Hare ‘and very lucrative’ said Burke with a wry smile.


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