I live in a house with families of Starlings living in the eaves at three corners.

They return and nest each year. Boy they’ve busy recently. Chirping, flapping and rattling about up there.

The noise builds over weeks each spring until one day it stops. Things are getting quieter.

The calling from the chicks is not as manic. I’ll be sad but soon all there will be is silence.

Anyone else share their homes with the local wildlife?


  1. We have barn swallows. They make a nest in the craziest place, the tiny area between the anti-bird nest spikes on top of a porch pillar. We’re early risers anyway, so their morning chirping doesn’t bother us.

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    1. Same here it’s quite nice waking and hearing the family life going on above. They do nest in crazy places, we once had a pair of collared Doves nest on the bracket on top of a security light. I had to turn it off for fear of cooking the eggs!


  2. Oh yes, much wildlife, not quite in the house (fortunately). Many, many grey squirrels: very cute, but destructive. A plethora of doves and pigeons, and sweet little waxbills. Guinea fowl (very stupid birds) and hadeda ibis (very noisy birds) and almost, almost a weaver bird who built this beautiful nest, then tore it down because the female didn’t like it! (Somerset West, South Africa).

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  3. We have lots of birds, a squirrel that walks up the road, blackbirds that fight with each other, numerous magpies, pigeons that seem stupid, and did I say a sparrowhawk that sits on our fe ce? Goldfinces in our willow tree, coal tits, greenfinches, and did I say sparrows galire? Wonderful

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