The Restaurant Corridor

I stop puzzled, turning slowly this is crazy. I came out of that door, the toilet I’m sure of it. Maybe I’m having a funny turn, too much booze. I’ve been to a restaurant with a group of friends. I can remember everything. The job, house, car, children. All of it but I feel so disorientated.

Where was I? that was it in the corridor of the restaurant. I’d used the toilet and then we were going home. I just can’t find the door back to the restaurant, the door that I’ve just come through. A corridor, dark red wallpaper, brown carpet and six dark stained doors. I try each one in turn. This is ridiculous my friends are waiting. All the doors are locked.

How can this be? I begin kicking, banging and shouting. The restaurant is busy filled with diners. By now I’m sweating and breathing heavily. Where am and why are all the doors locked? I check the doors again, at last the one at the end is open. The restaurant I’d better get back to everyone. It’s been a good night but I am ready for home.

Now what? There’s a crowd of people outside the corridor. Some of my friends are crying, comforting each other everyone is ignoring me.  An ambulance has arrived, the crew rushes passed me into the corridor. I hope it’s nothing serious, I think it’s time I left this is all getting a little intense.


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