I get anxious, can’t help I always have. I worry about almost anything and everything. When I was growing up it wasn’t really a thing. I understand anxiety is now a recognised condition. Anyhow I’m getting slightly off track. Apart from saying that I don’t have it when I’m on a beach with rocks that are so old that I can barely fathom it.

I here tell the rocks around these parts fall into that category. I’ve heard a figure of 4000 million years bandied about. I find perspective in that, like nowhere else. We have to have some perspective on things. Well for me it’s here on this beach. It doesn’t stop me being anxious things. All the terrible things that happen in our world. Politics, crime, cruelty, bigotry and a host of other stuff. I suppose it’s just that here I realise in the end everything will be good. The Universe will always be here and just go on doing its thing.


    1. Thanks, good advice. Both are great at relaxing me. The beach is calling, I think I’ll have to try and fit a trip in soon.

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