Oldshoremore – Àisir Mòr’

One Sunday in April I was lucky enough to take my morning stroll on Oldshoremore Beach in Sutherland. There can’t be anywhere better to pass the time when the sun is shining.

It was also quite a thrill to have the whole place to myself. The richest person on the planet couldn’t at that moment have got a better deal than me.

No politics, no wars, no religion, no cruel and callous human race hell bent on destroying everything in its path.

No none of that, only me. The sea lapping at the shore and a gentle breeze blowing across the beach. The sun was on my back with sand and water between my toes. Everything that had gone before and everything yet to come was frozen in this moment, here on this beach.

It was I quite a weird feeling almost trance like nothing to break the spell. No cars, trains, planes, sirens or helicopters buzzing around. No fellow humans or pets to interact with. The only thing for company was the rumblings, images and voices in my head.


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