The old doors hadn’t been opened in hundreds of years, today though it was time. The great and the good of the district had gathered to see events unfold.

A small crowd stood quietly outside the ancient abbey. Two men dressed in black stepped up, two men with keys. Their order had been protectors of the keys and the legend for twelve generations. Protectors until today, a day predicted long ago. The day of a rare astronomical event. The spring equinox and a solar eclipse, unique. The earth was about to go dark indicating that the time had come to unlock the past.

Long ago master masons had built a large void within and beneath the walls of the abbey. The ancient oak doors in a quiet corner of the abbey were the only clue that anything was there. They were to be opened after almost five hundred years. With little ceremony, the doors swung open. A large blast of air thundered from the dark cavities, dust and dirt hitting the crowd. Covering their faces no one saw the two dark shapes emerging from the abbey walls. The small crowd saw nothing but an empty space.

Legend said that the remains of two vile creatures that had been hunted and trapped should lay entombed. The time had come to crush their bones and wash away their last remains. Only now was it thought safe enough to remove them. They had been left for dead chained and shackled in this holy place all those years ago.

The onlookers stood confused, an empty tomb was all they found. Was the legend untrue or had the creatures, the last male and female of their terrible species once again escaped to roam the earth.

As the sun slowly slipped behind the moon and the world grew darker the onlookers saw and heard what they feared the most. Two dark shapes silhouetted against the sky. Standing high above the old towns streets. Looking like stone gargoyles resting on the parapet of the roof. Now shrieking the monsters were circling high above the towns streets.

With large scaly wings, each creature resembled a giant lizard. A lizard though that could walk on its back legs, fly and had vaguely human features.

How had this had happened, no one knew but soon the creatures were falling toward the ground with such speed and deafening terrifying screams.

As darkness enveloped the town and the eclipse reached totality the grim reality dawned on the gathered onlookers. Hundreds and thousands more of these terrible demons poured from the breeding ground that was the void within these church walls. The creatures it seemed hadn’t died. They had merely been resting and breeding.

The two oak doors stood open as the sun once more appeared and lit up the earth. Unfortunately, no living soul remained in the old market town, to watch events unfold.


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