Telford Churches

Travelling allows us to meet new people and learn new things. I recently visited discovered the Telford Churches. In the 19th century an Act of Parliament made money available to build churches in parts of Scotland where none existed. Thirty two were built including this one in Ullapool.

The churches were built by the Scottish civil engineer Thomas Telford. It’s a listed building and now houses the Ullapool Museum It’s interesting and inside still retains many original features. The place had quite a sombre feel, like the old Methodist churches I grew up with in the north of England.

The museum has interesting displays on life in Ullapool. One that caught my eye was about the ‘klondikers’. During the Cold War Soviet block factory ships regularly visited the town fishing for Herring. With many ships anchored in the Loch Broom.

This provided a boost for the local economy. Entrepreneurial locals sold provisions and electrical goods to the fishermen. This type of fishing was of course not sustainable and was another nail in the coffin for the Herring industry in the era.

While at the museum I had the opportunity to listen to metrical psalms. They would be sung and still are in church without musical accompaniment. They were relaxing and quite hypnotic.

By now though the other delights of Ullapool were calling and I headed back outside.



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