Outdoor Chess

There is a special time in the forest, a vague time. You might miss it, closing the gate as you leave the wood. Rushing to find your way home as darkness falls. You really need to stop, sit down. Relax and wait for the players to return.

In this place, it is chess in the forest. The game as always delayed till nightfall. In other places, there will be different forms of fun a swing, a stream a tree to climb. The players will return as they do each night. Unseen as they gather and play their ghostly game twixt dusk and dawn.

There is no malice among this motley crew. They simply meet in forest clearings and spend time together. Enjoying the company of others. A troll and vampire, ghosts and zombies cavorting in the dell. Elves and phantoms, skeletons and werewolves play football in the meadow.

I wait and watch the outdoor games board, with its oversize pieces left in situ. Day becomes dusk. Dusk becomes night and then a small crowd appears watching the thoughtful, patient players complete their game of chess.


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