Nobody ever really found out what caused the accident at the biomechanical engineering company. Everything was destroyed, there had been rumours but that was all. What they’d been working on wasn’t really the problem any longer. Dealing with the aftermath was the most urgent matter on everyone’s mind.

The rumours were vague. Some people suggested that they were working on ways to replicate limbs from water. It was thought they had been successful in mice and rats. How incredible, to take water and add it to a severed limb or missing organ and watch it regenerate.

It was assumed that they were some way towards perfecting the process when something went wrong. Maybe instead of changing the cells of water in human DNA, a corruption occurred. All we know now is that anyone encountering the infected water hasn’t got long to live.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. There’s no warning, they stop whatever they are doing. Soon they are complaining of feeling unwell, hot and clammy. Then seconds later it’s all over. There’s a whoosh and their entire body turns to water. Falling to the ground as if a bucket had been tipped over.

The problem is getting splashed by it, stepping in it or worst of all drinking it. Just the thought of it make me nauseous.

I’m Jack Callaghan a research scientist at University College London, in case you were wondering. A group of us have been seconded by the government trying to solve the problem. We’re holed up in a stately home in Suffolk. It’s like Fort Knox, we have the army and police guarding us. A huge supply of food and sea water brought in by tanker daily. It’s converted into drinking water, we think it’s safer that way. We don’t really know what happens when the dirty water hits the ground. Unless every drop is cleared up instantly does it eventually enter a watercourse or evaporate into the atmosphere.

If you’re reading my blog it is possible I have succumbed already, my findings are attached. It seems the reaction or interaction between the infected water isn’t just confined to biological species. Buildings began turning to water after they had been rained on. The water in pipes is enough to destroy the whole building. Cables and fibre optics are destroyed along their entire length after the slightest touch.

We are working hard but it is beginning to look likely that we won’t be able to stop this thing. It’s not inconceivable that the whole planet is destined to become one vast water world. Recently as water hits the ground, well it’s simple. The ground beneath it turns to water. I’m not yet sure what has been unleashed on the planet, but it is having a worldwide catastrophic effect.

We’re safe for the time being. This place has the lowest rainfall in the UK. There is talk though that large parts of the UK are now under water and thunder storms are coming in from the west. I suppose for now all we can do is work and hope we have a breakthrough before the rains come.

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