Whispers in The Wind

Whispers! Have you heard them at night, in the dusty attic, damp cellar or cold storeroom? They are all around us. Some think they are whispers from God, angels or Satan. Voices from the afterlife, the graveyard, the dark side. When you least expect them, you will hear them.
Whispers are there in our heads and hearts. They can be heard at sea, on the wind, at moon rise, at sunrise or on a quiet beach. The movies have taught us that you can hear whispers in the static on television, radio sets or even the internet. There are of course whispers from space. Voices drifting through space and time warning us of our planets impending doom. Whispers can be heard in the
dark corners of a railway station or bus station. In a quiet room, an empty office, a lonely street and
of course a deserted theatre.
I have heard whispers in my dreams, terrible, frightening voices. Foretelling terrible events and
impending doom.
Dark, quiet and lonely spots are great places to be. If the whispers bother you, the return to the
company of fellow humans. They will always give you as much trouble as the supernatural. Whispers
behind closed doors, at the office, on the bus, masonic whispers, lover’s whispers, an enemy’s whispers, a friend’s whispers, children’s whispers, the list goes on.


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