Ginkgo biloba

Life is filled with interactions of all kinds people, place, pets. Are you a little mad interacting with trees. I do it, there I’ve told the world

A gentle caress as I pass, a pat on the side as you would a dog. Yes I’ve even hugged a tree when I’ve been feeling sad.

A few years ago I found out about the Ginkgo biloba. I must have always known about these ancient trees. It’s the one that finds a way inside your dreams. Here I was though in its presence.

This wonderful plant as old as time. Unchanged since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so old we have fossils of their leaves.

That day I added a new type of life-form to my interaction checklist. Now every time I pass there’s a glance or nod from me. The tree, well the tree is just there. I’m sure it feels my admiration. I hope it’s there in a thousand years when all around has been and gone.

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