As the train stopped on the opposite platform I looked at my reflection in its darkened windows. What I saw shocked me to my core.

It had been twelve years since I was parked in this wreck of a body. Marooned on a god forsaken planet with just this gin swilling fool for company. The worst thing about this punishment was that the host had no idea that their body was being used as a prison.

Twenty years solitary confinement for a simple case of embezzlement. Re-appropriation of government funds isn’t a crime, this whole sad episode of my life is an outrage. When idiot features woke this morning I had seven years left on my sentence, that’s supposing he lives long enough.

My reflection, yes I know I’ve digressed a little. Well the thing is, something seems to have gone wrong with the detention programme. Oh yes, they’ll be coming for me soon enough. Not before I have some fun though. What could I see in the train window?

Standing on platform one waiting for the 8.15am to Leeds wasn’t a middle-aged, disheveled, hungover, Yorkshireman. No what was before me and the rest of the by now terrified commuters was a twelve foot, viscous, acid spewing, razor scaled monster. Oh my, I smell fear and blood!




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