The Day of Reckoning

It was a road I had driven down a hundred’s of times. Things had happened there over the years. I suppose if you travel a certain route often enough then things will happen.

I had fallen off a motorcycle not far from here and once hit a dog with my car when it had randomly run into the road. I had walked, cycled, travelled by bus and driven my car along this stretch of road hundreds if not thousands of times.

The piece of road in question is York Road the main road heading out of Leeds to the East. Tonight, I was in my car just approaching the point where I would pass the old Dog and Gun pub. I doubt under normal circumstances that I would have even noticed the old blue Mazda travelling a few car lengths in front. It soon became apparent that these weren’t normal circumstances.

The flow of traffic was light and moving at about 40mph when the passenger side rear door of the Mazda opened. What appeared to be a fellow human being was unceremoniously pushed from the door and dumped into the road. It bounced and  rolled along the ground. The car in front went over it as did I. The Mazda stopped, the car in front of me stopped, I stopped and the body just lay there. Brown boots, blue jeans and a black nylon coat with a hood fastened tightly around the head.

I got out and rushed to the rear of my car. The body lay on the ground face down. Cars were beginning to back up behind us. The body didn’t move, I assumed that he was dead. In the distance I heard a faint wailing of sirens. Were the police and ambulance on the way already. Who had phoned them.

The doors to the Mazda and car in front of me opened. People were getting out of the cars, all dressed the same as the guy now looking very dead on the ground in front of me.

It was weird they all had brown boots, blue jeans and the black nylon jacket with the hood fastened tightly around their head. They stood motionless staring back towards the city. The sirens were still a long way off but it seemed to make them uneasy.

“Hurry up they’re coming and it can only be for us,” said the driver of the Mazda.

Oh my goodness I hadn’t noticed that before, I have to say I was distracted and a little shocked at probably having just contributed to someone dying. I noticed now though, his face or should I say the lack of one. The people who had got out of the cars had no faces, it was horrible. It almost looking like a decomposed body. I didn’t understand how they could be alive.

Of course I’d seen zombie movies but this was nothing like that apart from the skeletal face with bits of flesh still intact and other bits just hanging. Anyhow that was make believe and in the movies, this was real life in my hometown where stuff like that just didn’t happen. I moved away towards the side of the road.

The driver of the Mazda spoke again, “Hurry.” His voice was loud, booming and full of menace.

The guy who I had driven my car over moved, he rolled over and stood up. His jacket had become undone and his hood fallen down during the accident. It was awful, his body was the same as his face. I guess he was like it all over, skeleton and tatters of rotten flesh. he looked at me.

“Who are you people, what is happening,” I said.

“You are being robbed my friend, simple really. Now do I need to use this or are you going to throw me the key to your car.”

The man was now moving towards me holding out a large kitchen knife. There was no sign of any damage to him from the accident. That would have been hard to tell I suppose, all there was of him was bones and flesh. I was horrified as I handed the keys over to him. “Good we’ll leave you now. You know that you need to choose a side. The day of reckoning is coming. Choose which side you will be on when we meet again on the moor.” said the man.

Behind my car was now a long line of cars all stopped with the occupants standing and watching events unfold. each one had the same clothes and looked like the creatures standing beside their vehicles.

I was certain that this wasn’t a dream. The sirens were getting closer. By now he had gone to my car and the others had got back in their vehicles and headed off out of the city. Soon I saw the police, another convoy travelling at speed after the zombies or whatever they were. This is where things got super creepy. All the cops were the same, the police cars and uniform were fine. It was just what was inside them that was the problem, the same rotting skeleton was in each one.

My certainty that this hadn’t been a dream was soon proved to be wrong as I found myself waking from a deep sleep. The room was sparsely furnished, poorly lit and dirty. Why had I slept in my clothes. Brown boot, blue jeans and black nylon jacket. I looked at my hands, there was no mistake. A bony skeletal hand on the end of each arm, lumps of flesh and skin hanging from them. I got up and headed to the bathroom. Of course I knew what I was going to see when I got to the mirror, oh dear.

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