King Cod and Queen Rat

King Cod and Queen Rat met in a sewer one Thursday in May. The meeting was controversial. The war needed to end. Fifty years was a long time.

There were just two parts to this society if it could be called such a thing anymore. There were sea dwellers and land dwellers. The sea dwellers were all derivatives of the once fine fish species Cod. Then the land dwellers derivatives of the once widespread rat.

There was still some resemblance to their original species. The earth had only ever seen one all out nuclear world war in the mid twenty-first century. Since then a thousand of years of genetic modification had left these two animals as grotesque caricatures of their original selves.

King Cod was tall even for a Cod. His face was wolf like but his body definitely that of huge fat fish. His fins had developed through time. The Caudal fins was now a pair of stubby footless legs. His Pectoral fin similarly stubby hand-less arms. He was King of the bizarre undersea world for one reason. He was a vicious and brutal killer. He would destroy any other creature in his kingdom that wouldn’t live life to his rules. Then he would eat the parts of them he enjoyed the most, leaving the carcass floating in the putrid ocean.

Queen Rat wasn’t tall but long. For a rat she was huge, her body the size of a cow but longer. Her head was small and rat like but her legs had almost disappeared just huge claws attached to her body where once legs had been. She was Queen of all the territories of earths land. There wasn’t much to be Queen of to be fair. The land creatures lived and died then ate each other much the way they did at sea. I guess she was Queen because she could eat the most.

Both creatures had now reached maturity and felt the instinctive need to breed. Sea creatures had evolved to breath on land as well as their own environment and visa versa. The King and Queen therefore decided it was time to unify the two realms of earth and join in a very unholy matrimony,

What a sight it must have been that morning as King Cod stumbled and forced his massive frame out of the water and into the huge sewer pipe that had once served a great city. Queen rat slithered and crawled to meet him near the entrance. Her tail was as long as a train and whipped around behind her in the darkness of the pipe.

The sexual act wasn’t an easy one to perform but the two creatures managed to get themselves organised. The long slow process of a mutant cod mating with a mutant rat in a dark disused sewer pipe began. No one knew who took the first bite. The desire to eat was just as strong as the desire to mate. As the sexual act proceeded so did the feasting of each creature on the other.

King Cod and Queen Rat died each from being eaten alive by the other. There places had already been taken by others before they met. Their strange worlds would continue as they had before.

A new world order was just around the corner though. Inside the Queen Rat was a host of offspring from the pair growing and feeding on her carcass. A new and powerful mutant set to colonise both land and sea.

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