Beware Caves in Cliffs






Caves in cliffs are fun. I knew of one on the north coast that I’d not visited. Today at low spring tide we went in.

A narrow rock strewn slit in the rock face. It lowered & narrowed until we reached the end 100 ft in. My pal heard the voice I saw the face, that was then.

We’ve had quite a bit of time since to work out what exactly happened. My best guess is few hundred years. We both agree that there was an apparition in the form of a child who liked collecting.

I can see my pal and when the tides is out. I don’t think we’re dead. All that is left though is an impression of our bodies in the rock and our two stony faces looking at each. We’re not alone. When the light penetrates this far into the cave I can see hundreds, maybe thousands of others staring out of the rock.


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