Greetings Stranger

The Café was completely full. Late breakfasts and early lunches that sort of thing. It was Georges first visit. His new girlfriend Jane had been married before and had got her favourite seat. That was about as much as he knew about her. She sat on the high back leather bench that ran the entire length of the old Victorian tea rooms.

The place was all oak panels and mirrors. Very traditional, quite expensive. George thought it was all a bit Bohemian. He liked Jane and was looking forward to their lunch for two. Tea, coffee, a club sandwich and Welsh rarebit. Today might be the day he would get to know her just a little better.

George sat facing Jane and consequently the wall. It was a little disconcerting; he could see himself simultaneously in about five mirrors around the room. Good fun though as he could check out the whole room and outside too. The best part, there were so many mirrors no one knew you were looking at them. There were just so many of reflections.

No one saw him looking except it seemed for that one guy stood outside. Scruffy, long hair, beard, blue jeans, brown cord jacket and boots.

Every time George looked in a mirror, any mirror he was there. Initially he was at the far side of the precinct looking in their general direction. The next time in the middle near the buskers. Then right outside the café window, all the time staring straight at George.

It was beginning to freak him out, he turned around the man was gone good. He turned back and there he was sat next to Jane.

George looked terrified and tried to speak. He couldn’t, Jane had seen the look on his face and broke the silence.

“George I’m really sorry. Is there a scruffy young chap around thirty, long hair and a beard sat next to me?” said Jane.

“Yes, who is he and how did he get here?” said George.

The stranger leaned across the table staring intently, his hatred for George clear.

“I’m her husband you prick, well her dead husband to be correct. Leave now, she’s mine and no one else will ever have her. This is your only chance. Go now or I will do everything in my power to destroy you. I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable time on earth. She’s mine, only mine. No one else will have her,” the apparition by now was screaming at George. He was leaning across the table inches from his face. No one else could see him, the restaurant was a picture of serenity with folk quietly enjoying their lunch.

“George ignore him he can’t hurt you, he has to move on and leave me alone. George please don’t go I really like you,” said Jane.

George was already out of his seat and on his way from the café. Jane once again was left alone but not alone. Her husband sitting proudly beside her. The perfect couple out for lunch.

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