The Fourth Tribanzian War

The art had started appearing throughout the entire country. Towns and cities up and down the land, images and words. First in obvious places, then in more obscure ones. Little by little the art spread around the world. Produced by those on the margins of society, in the shadows.

Street art, urban art, graffiti call it what you will. It told a story in a language no one understood. Images of people, monsters, robots, cyborgs. It was in every town and city around the world. If we had taken more notice. Understood the warnings and messages. Things might have turned out differently.

That was five years ago. The graffiti on our trains and building is the least of our problems now. The invasion of earth has begun and war rages. Creatures and machines from another dimension of space and time ravage our planet.

Four wars in five years. This time though it seems like they have the upper hand. Earth will fall soon. They don’t want us just the planet. They are it seems collectors. Collector’s of lifeless planet’s. Soon all that will be left is buildings and a strange mixture of unexplained art.

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