A New Jumper For Dotty

George and Cynthia walked with purpose through the park. To all the world a perfect couple.

He was happy, a spring in his step chattering away.  “I’m so excited that my aunt has agreed to knit something for Dotty.”

George’s aunt was knitting a jumper for his baby. On nice day’s she spent most afternoons in the park knitting and chatting. A flask filled with tea and a basket full of wool. She loved to knit nice warm clothes for families with new additions.

Her little red creations could be seen all over town. Red was the only colour she worked with. George suspected that Cynthia didn’t like his aunt. He didn’t know why as she had always been so kind to them.

He could see his aunt in the distance vigorously knitting. Dotty would look so beautiful. He didn’t know why but he started to cry.

Cynthia was deep in thought, she loved George. Yes, she must they had been together for so long. The couple had talked about having a family, now Dotty was here and everything was different. Frank had never been so happy; Cynthia was having doubts.

Tom at work was a lot of fun, a lot more fun than George. At first she felt bad about the Friday afternoons at Tom’s flat. Now though she was loving the time there. She felt she had become the most important thing in Tom’s life.

“Everything changed when he got that damned Chihuahua. Carrying it in his arms everywhere he goes and now he’s putting a bright red jumper on the bloody thing.”

George’s aunt smiled. “What an idiot just like his father and that bitch he married. I don’t know what he sees in her. It won’t last I’m sure of it. He’ll be alright though, he’s got me and Dotty.”

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