The Dark Mirror

Every mirror has a dark side. If you’re lucky you will never see it. Helen saw it, Tina didn’t until it was just too late. The two young women had shared a flat for the last four years and had furnished it pretty much from scratch. There was an eclectic mix of new and old stuff. Things from second-hand sales and market stalls. They liked it and would be sad to move on.

Move on though they must. University was over for them and both had jobs in different towns. They had a week to go before they moved and had put the mirror up knowing they would be taking it down in no time at all. Helen didn’t like it from the start. They had seen it in a second-hand shop in town. A large Victorian piece, with an old dark stained mahogany frame. Standing a few feet away from it, the entire top half of whoever was looking at it would be perfectly framed within its dark edges.

Helen was the first to use it and never did again. Afterwards she covered it with a sheet. She pleaded with Tina not to look in the mirror.

“What on earths wrong with you H, it’s a beautiful mirror and for a fiver you can’t go wrong,” said Tina.

“It’s horrible, it totally freaked me out. I was looking in it just after we put it up and it went dark,” said Helen.

“What do you mean went dark? Let me see. Take this sheet off and let me check out my beautiful features in our cool mirror,” said Tina.

With that she pulled the sheet down and looked at the mirror. All was well, there she was in full view. She checked her hair and makeup. The room was behind her and there standing well back was Helen. Trying it seemed very hard not to look in the mirror.

The strangest thing began to happen as Tina stared at her reflection. The mirror began to darken slowly at first. It was as if someone had turned out the lights around her. It was at that moment, she felt the pain and suffering her people had gone through over the ages. Purveyors of good and of course evil.

This was incredible Tina could hear the voices of those gone before her. Stories of valour and treachery. She could see herself and her friend living a different life. The mirror showed her what power and joy lay ahead for the to friends.

She was a witch, who knew? It seemed Helen didn’t yet as she was defiantly looking away from the mirror. Tina was becoming more enlightened by the second. The mirror lightened once more and all had returned to normal.

Helen ran to the mirror and covered it. She implored Tina to let her take it back to the second-hand shop. There was no point, the young woman knew what she had to do. She knew so much more than before. The drink she had to prepare for Helen was a simple one. The ingredients would take her a few days to source. Once she had them though a simple smoothie would be all that was needed. Once Helen’s mind had been freed they could stand together in front of the mirror. Then they could fulfill their destiny together as witches of the next millennium.

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