Waking my mind is filled with dreams. Action packed, adventures, hum drum melodramas. Hopes and often fears, I want to remember them, savour them. All that happens in my sleeping hours. It seems somehow important.

As I wake the memories flee my mind.The thoughts from seconds earlier are swirling in this darkened room melting back into the ether. An ephemeral cloud of words and images, thoughts and memories. Seeping from my house to join the stream racing round the northern skies. Chasing down the dawn, a spectral cauldron filled with dreams and random thoughts.

Weary waking sleepers struggling to remember move quickly on. They have no time for dreaming or regrets. The time will come to sleep, dream, escape. Now we must live and keep on learning. Eat, drink, talk, laugh, shout, cry, love and kiss. Waking slowly each new morning like the moment of our birth. Move quickly on, no time to dwell on matters such as this. I hear though a day is coming soon. A day all dreams must end.

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