Did They Just Say my Name

Sit quietly in a park, a school, a town centre. Well almost anywhere in truth and a rat or two or will not be far away. I sit a lot these days in open spaces, less noise no scratching. No scurrying of little feet. While sitting here just now in this old cemetery having lunch, a little critter strolled on by. Then another and some more disappearing in the holes in walls. Heading deep beneath the ground under broken gravestones.
I was among the haters for most of my life. The only good rat being a dead one as far as I was concerned.
Poison, trapping, shooting, setting dogs on them. It’s all acceptable they are of course vermin a creature to be destroyed. We try to wipe them from the face of the earth. The trouble is I think they know. They sense our fear, feel the loathing.
I see them all the time now in bars, shops, walking in the street. They seem bold and unafraid, I have them in my roof space. We kill them, block their access and yet more come back. Finding new ways of getting in. The vermin controller said we would be OK until they get between the walls, the floors. It’s a battle we are waging but one I think we will never win. A species that human kind won’t destroy. I think the showdown between the two swarming, screaming, greedy species is coming soon.
Then that I heard them screeching, calling. All the talk of me, did they just say my name? They did I heard my name, they are coming for me soon I know they are. I had best not sit here, sitting still and quiet for too much longer. They’re hungry and now they know I’m here. It would be a mistake to stay too long.

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