Postcard from Scarborough

I love old postcards, for me they were a kind of social media of their day. I’ve collected a few hundred over the years. Each one a snippet of an individuals life. This isn’t one of them. As I walked through Scarborough one summers day I got to thinking of Alf and Gladys. A middle aged couple in 1950’s England taking a break by the sea from a hard life back in one of West Yorkshires industrial towns. This is their story.

‘Weather champion, took a stroll up to the castle today. Fish and chips down by the harbour tonight for tea. Taking the bus to Whitby tomorrow, see you Saturday. Love to all. Alf and Glad. x’



    1. I kept on sending them right into the 2000’s but sadly now no more. I am going to make an effort this year to start again.


  1. I have been collecting postcards since I was 8 and the family history on the back is fascinating. We had several family holidays in Scarborough and Whitby, doing everything from beach and boating lake to Alan Ayckbourn plays. But this picture reminds me of our most recent visit when we stayed at the Grand Hotel for a couple of nnights on the way up to Scotland. It was hillarious with coach parties , ‘school dinners’ in the huge restaurant and strange live entertainment.

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    1. They are a lot of fun. I enjoy reading them also. I think as a photo captures a moment in time so the message on a postcard captures a moment never to be repeated. I had a similar experience in Whitby while on a walking holiday last year. I think I was the only person not on a coach trip. It was all a bit odd, I was glad to get my boots on next morning.


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