Ear Worm

We’ve all experienced it, that song. The one you hear on your way to work on a morning or relaxing at home on a weekend. You hear it once and then for the rest of the day, bang! It’s stuck in your head for the rest of the day or even worse the whole weekend.

You may even have liked it the first twenty or thirty times you heard it. After it’s been going around inside your head hundreds of times a day, you may begin to think you’re going insane. We’ve all had an ear worm but after last years Perseid meteor shower there seems to be now a subtle difference in this age-old problem.

Jacob first realised that he had an ear worm a few hours after he heard ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys. He liked the song at first. It had now been going around in his mind for hours. He’d tried singing something different. Listening to something different. Whistling and humming something different. They had all failed, the song was driving him mad.

This ear worm did more than simply drive Jacob mad. After it had done that, it killed him. After months of listening to the song twenty-four hours a day Jacob had tried to kill himself.

In-fact he tried several times and was finally admitted and detained in hospital. He stopped speaking to anyone and eventually withdrew into himself completely. His death was unexpected, sudden and as it turned out one of the most remarkable things anyone had seen in generations.

Jacob died on a Saturday and a post-mortem was scheduled for first thing Monday. The pathologist Dr Jim Baxter enjoyed his work a lot. More so if he could listen to his favourite music from his iPod. Played through the examinations rooms sounds system.

This is what he was doing as he cut and sliced away at poor Jacob. Dr Baxter had an eclectic taste in music. Just as he began to saw the top of Jacobs skull off, ‘Rappers Delight’ by The Sugarhill Gang came on. All fourteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds of it.

As Jacob’s had before, Dr Baxter’s life was soon to change. This song would be the one he would hear, until his dying day. As he removed the top of the skull, an amazing human brain should have been revealed, it wasn’t. The Doctor had seen most things in his twenty years in the profession. He had though never seen anything like this. A worm, an actual worm. It was like a huge tapeworm and was inhabiting Jacobs skull cavity. It seemed to have devoured large parts of the brain.

It must have been three or four metres long wrapped around itself. A large slowly writhing mass of worm. He was speechless and just stood and stared at the creature. He stood too long. One end of it had already left the cavity where Jacobs brain had once been. It wrapped itself around his wrist and lower arm. He stepped away and shook his arm, the large writhing mass fell from Jacob to the floor. Dr Baxter kicked it, stood on it and waved his arms around violently. He crashed and smashed around the room as his attempts to disentangle himself from the creature became more and more desperate.

He fell backwards, landing in a seated position in the corner of the lab. The worm by now had traveled up his arm, around his neck and covered most of his face. It filled his mouth almost choking him. He couldn’t have called for help even if he had wanted to although by now his mind was becoming a little addled. The worm explored his face and mouth. Settling upon his ear as its preferred point of entry into his body. It made its way down his ear canal, penetrating the ear drum and entering the brain.

It was in this seated position they found the Doctor, unconscious but otherwise unhurt. Medical staff said he was suffering from of exhaustion. The poor Doctor could remember nothing. He wanted to get well and return to work. More than anything he wanted to get that song out of his head. Over and over it played slowly draining the life out of him.

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