Your Heart is Mine

The hands were the first thing I saw. Other worldly, surely not the hands of man. Dark, long, bony fingers but immensely strong. I sat alone in the quiet of the night, I had been expecting his visit for all these long years. The last time we met he made me a promise he would be back, he had my soul but now he would take my heart.

Long scaly fingers gripping the door as it slowly opened. Terror quickly filled me as I realised that selling my soul ten years ago had been real. Surely this was not the man I met in the café, that fateful day when he weighed and bought my soul.

Now his whole evil form appeared. In the half-light of the open door stood a monster that I only thought appeared in dreams. Tall with long strong scaly limbs, clawed animal feet and the face, a face of hate. Red piercing eyes and a voice so low but powerful it shook me to the core.

I had found a note out walking in my favourite woods, that led me to my meeting on that fateful day. What he offered was nonsense but I said yes. He must be mad, a geek in a cafe with his lap top and mobile phone. Unimaginable wealth was to be mine, it took only my soul, of course I said yes and left.

There was just one more thing, ten souls in ten years was all I had to find or he would return and take my heart. Well here I am, I failed, what now?

Those hands, not hands now but claws. That voice “welcome to my world fool”. The giant clawed right hand reached out resting on my chest. “Your heart is mine”, said the devil.

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