Night Owls

Jenny knew her life was about to change more than she could ever imagine. She was sure people would say that she shouldn’t be here, that she was a traitor. Would her family and friends ever understand? The truth was she really didn’t care, tonight had been inevitable from the first moment she met Englishman Jack Hunter. Her love for him and his ideology meant more to her now than anything.

The couple had only known each other since the outbreak of the war. He was she thought a wonderful man, an Architect from upstate. She had known of course that he was married but lived for the time she spent with him. His office was in Queens and on evenings that he told his wife he was working late would be spent with her.

They met at the usual diner, at the same time as always. This late hour should be the start of her precious time alone with him but of course tonight was different.

“Is this really the only way,” asked Jenny for what must have been the tenth time.

“Yes, you know it is. We’ve planned this for months. The culmination of all my work in your country. Jenny, I must leave for Washington in a few hours and then my work here will be done,” said Jack.

“Your work with me, will that be done too in the morning,” said Jenny.

“No, I promise I will join you, if things go well. The war will soon be over and we can be together in Moscow. Tonight, you must go with Viktor. He will fly with you to Mexico and then by ship to Murmansk. The work you have done for our cause has been truly outstanding. When this is all over you will be a national heroine of the glorious USSR”, said Jack.

Jenny flushed a little, she knew that she was doing the right thing. Jack, Viktor and the barman were fighting for a cause they believed in. She was sure of that. Soon the Nazi’s would be defeated. As also would the corruption and capitalism that had spread throughout her beloved homeland. The Soviet Union and the United States were after all allies.

Jack had explained to her many times how crucial the secrets were that she had shared. To have the Director’s personal assistant from the Manhattan Project helping their cause was nothing short of a miracle. Now the Soviet Union had the atomic weapon it had so desperately wanted. Years ahead of its rivals. A new world order would soon be established.

“There’s nothing left for you here my darling. Tonight I have to close down our operation in Washington. I then need to post a letter to your president informing him we now have the same technology. Then we will be together again. Comrade, pass me the documents. Now quickly, we must go,” said Jack.

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