Magpie’s Chattering

As mornings go today is working out alright. I woke up early and seemed to have time to relax with my coffee before work.

As I leave home the autumn air is cool, a veneer of moisture drips down the inside of the car windscreen. In the distance a motorcycle roars, someone having an early morning blast along quiet country roads.

My long drive to the city is uneventful passing empty fields except for haystacks, piled high waiting for winter. Pheasants unsure which way to run, their next decision possibly an important one for them.

The city looks peaceful set against a milky sky. A backdrop to the rooftops and skyscrapers. The sun barely makes it through the clouds.

I leave the car and begin my walk to the office. The clouds break revealing the palest most beautiful blue sky. A steady breeze causes the leaves to rustle like a stream over rocks, Magpies are chattering. I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day.

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