Fast and Purposeful

Her pace was the same as always, fast and purposeful. A woman in a hurry, on a mission. Tall and slim yet it was difficult to see her facial features. Not that they were covered or hidden. It was just that your attention would only be drawn to the rapid gait of the elegant young woman rushing along the busy city street.

It was hard to tell her age maybe thirty. She was dressed smartly as if for business of some type. A grey skirt and jacket, white blouse with black shoes. She would strike you as someone rushing out to lunch or on their way to a meeting.

John Jackson was some way ahead of her maybe fifty yards. His lunchtime stroll was precious, every day rain or shine he needed this time out of the office. Time to relax, collect his thoughts before another crazy session in IT sales. The the young woman had soon caught up with John in the busy York street.

“Excuse me, do you have a light?” she said.

Jackson stopped, a little taken aback. Had he been so lost in thought that he hadn’t seen this woman walk so close to him that he could now smell her foul breath. Or had she just appeared from nowhere. That was how it seemed. She had walked up from behind at such a speed and then as people say today got in his face.

Who asked for a light in the street anymore anyway. He found himself backing off, he was confused. Her breath and those eyes, so dark. They were they black was that possible? He found them irresistible.

She was so beautiful. Close like this. Tall, slim, long hair, a sweet scent of perfume drifting around. Taking some of the edge off her breath. It was her face though that struck him. Long and thin lines, with pale yet perfect features.

Jackson was mesmerised, still backing away. The woman kept walking slowly towards him. She got so close that her body was pressing against him. Her face against his. Then he stopped, he had to, he had backed into a wall. John looked around. A dead-end alley just off the main and busy shopping street. Just feet from where he been. He had moved quicker than he had realised. He had to speak, to act.

“Sorry I don’t smoke, now if you’ll excuse me,” was all he could think to say.

“Neither do I, it was just an excuse to speak to you. Do you find me attractive?” said the woman.

John was totally taken aback, this was York in the daytime and somehow an attractive young woman had him pressed against a wall asking if he found her attractive. Her whole body was pressing hard against him he was becoming aroused. Her breath was foul but other than that she was perfect.

“You do don’t you, you are attracted to me?” said the woman.

As she spoke she began to kiss him on his face and lips. The foul smell from her breath now translating to a foul taste on his lips. Then she was licking his face and neck. All the time she looked straight at him with her black piercing lifeless eyes.

John was turned on and repulsed in equal measure. Initially he didn’t notice the pain in his chest. It began to sear through his torso. John looked down to see blood pouring from a point in the centre of his chest just below his sternum. He fell back against the wall and then slumped to the ground. Seated with his head hanging loosely, all strength had left. He couldn’t bring himself to speak. He just sat there in the alleyway watching the pool of blood between his legs grow ever larger.

John was passing out of consciousness. Before he did, he managed to tilt his head to the side. Enough to see the elegant young woman walking fast and purposeful down the alley and back into the busy York street. She turned once again heading in the direction she had been originally been going and was gone.

John died from shock and blood loss. He was found not long afterwards and a long police investigation took place. The murder made the headlines for a long time. It was an unusual case. A violent murder in the centre of a busy city in the middle of the day, no witnesses and no trace of a suspect.

Detectives poured over hours of city centre CCTV during the investigation, which revealed only one thing. John Jackson entered the alley alone. No one else was ever identified going into the alley. He was seen walking along the street. He stopped, turned and rather bizarrely walked backward in the alley. The same alley where he was found murdered. The case remains unsolved.

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