Geography and Lighthouses

This post is about geography and lighthouses. I have always enjoyed looking at maps and imagining what is at a particular point on them. These days it is easy I guess with advent of the internet. Between them Wikipedia and Google seem to have the whole world sown up. As a child growing up it wasn’t so straightforward.

Following the coastline with fingertip on map, my imagination ran wild with thoughts of what the remote and exotic sounding places were actually like. I began as soon as I could seeking out lighthouses and over the years have visited many around our coast. I did for a while have a desire to visit every individual one in the British Isles until I realised how many there were.

The British Isles is an archipelago of over six thousand islands off the northwest coast of Europe, in the north Atlantic. It is divided between two sovereign states. The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain (the big island containing Wales, Scotland and England) and Northern Ireland. The islands stretch from the Scillies in the South to Shetland in the north, from the north Sea in the east to the west coast of Ireland.

I love to travel and still harbour a desire to travel around the entire coast of Great Britain and Ireland. I have either lost of deleted a lot of my photos over the years. Here is what remains of the photograph of my travels around some of our islands lighthouses. Oh and random one’s in France and Stockholm!

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