Write For Twenty Minutes

Words don’t come all that easy and with me wanting to be a writer I suppose they should. That’s why I’ve undertaken this writing challenge. To let the stream of consciousness flow and write for twenty minutes.

7.43am + 20 = 8.03am. Here goes and all this with no coffee. I will though be one step closer to becoming a writer. Good practice that’s what this is. Ahem, same old same old. What shall I write about for twenty minutes?

I have a lot of ideas but nothing has come to fruition. I get bored easily or lose my way. Funnily enough after about twenty minutes. Maybe this is a good exercise after all. Will I ever write an international best seller if I can’t even write for twenty minutes?

7.47am that went quickly. I’ve started but I’m having to do it the old-fashioned way. My all singing and dancing new computer it’s just like all the rest I have ever had. I’m sure they are programmed to wind me up first thing in the morning. The word feature won’t open so I’ve had to get my old journal out and write. My hand is aching already.

The street outside is as noisy as ever in the morning, car doors banging and engines starting.

7.50am not long now. Just before I went to sleep last night I was thinking about space travel. How would they travel long distances? The ships might need to be fitted with temporal shift dampers to stop them drifting in time as they travelled through space. Whatever temporal shift dampers are.

As I was drifting off I remembered reading about an antiques and curiosity shop that was burgled in the night. it was somewhere on the Yorkshire Coast. They had an old bear stolen. I think they are called Steiff.  The owner and all townsfolk were very sad.

7.55am there is a right commotion outside my house. This is all I need someone is knocking at the door. I’ve nearly finished. The dogs haven’t heard them I must continue. I’m going to ignore them, I want to be a writer. I must complete this task, write for 20 minutes and do not stop. My arm is aching now. I think my chair is set for working at the computer, not writing so much. I ignore the door but have a drink of coffee I hope that’s allowed.

So, a bear gets stolen by a couple of lads on a weekend away to the seaside town of Scarborough. There it is again knocking, louder this time. Now the dogs have started barking its chaos. I must keep writing.

8.01am. Now they are knocking at the window I better go see who it is.

8.02am I’m back I hope I’m not disqualified I was only a few seconds. It was one of my neighbours he’s a bit of a joker. He said a man has gone mad in our street and is attacking people with an axe. He said I shoukd get out. That he’s killed people and he’s coming for me next. I’ve nearly done.

8.03am that’s it finished. What on earths that, I’d better get out of here my doors being smashed in with an axe.


  1. A bear in Scarborough is an interesting idea.
    I prefer writing with coffee, and usually last longer than 20 minutes. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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