New Year has never been my favourite holiday, well truthfully I can’t be bothered with it at all. Much to my shadows general annoyance I often go to bed at my normal time on new Years Eve. Around ten and am usually sounds asleep by the time the festivities start.

I’m not sure why, it has always felt a little strange celebrating a new year where you have no idea what’s around the corner. I also worked for many years at this holiday and saw how shitty humans can be to each other when they are in the holiday mood.

Anyhow that’s me, I love all the other holidays. I just hate New years. Thus I found myself up early one January 1st a few years ago. For no particular reason we got in the car and drove to a small market town called Ripon in North Yorkshire. I hadn’t been for years and haven’t been since.

I expected everything to be shut but it wasn’t. The place was filled with people like me who just seemed to have had enough of the holidays. There was I seem to have discovered a fun way to start the New Year. Wandering around the towns historic alleys and streets. A spot of lunch and home to watch a movie or two. I guess that wasn’t so bad, see you all again same time next year. Oh yes that’s the bit I don’t like about it isn’t it. Have a good day and good karma to all.


    1. There are so many old towns and churches like this around here. I mostly head to the beach or hills. Maybe I need to explore a little more of what’s on my doorstep.


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